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Fleur De Sel Amazon

Fleur de sel is the best salt to use for seasoning. This unique sea salt is rich in trace elements, which boost the immune system and build strong bones. It can be purchased online from different stores or even from specialty shops. It is available at various price...

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Fleur De Sel at Walmart

Fleur De Sel at WalmartWhen you're in need of a special occasion outfit, a chemise top or skirt in a shade of fleur de sel is the perfect option. You can also purchase accessories such as a tiara and shoes. You can even pick up a fleur de sel handbag or purse. You'll...

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Health Benefits of Salt From the Dead Sea

Dead Sea salt contains a number of beneficial elements, including calcium, magnesium, sulfur, bromide, sodium, potassium, and iodine. These substances provide a host of benefits for the body and skin. The salt from the Dead is also a natural detoxifier that can help...

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What Are Salts and How Are They Made?

What Are Salts and How Are They Made?A salt is a chemical compound that consists of positively and negatively charged cations and anions. Together, they form a compound with no net electric charge. One example of a salt is table-salt, which is composed of positively...

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Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits

Pink Himalayan Salt BenefitsThe mineral composition of pink Himalayan salt has long been recognized as beneficial to the human body. Most cells have a higher ratio of sodium outside the cell than potassium inside. Too much sodium can be detrimental to the health of...

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