5 Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Whether you have limited space or a tiny kitchen, there are several storage solutions that are perfect for your space. These solutions can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, closet, and many other places. Some are even perfect for storing toilet paper, spices, condiments, and other items. The best part about these solutions is that they come with over 30,000 reviews on Amazon.

Back of the door storage

The back of a door can be a valuable storage space. But most doors aren’t made to provide a flat surface to mount hardware, so you have to work around this limitation. Adding a piece of 3/4-inch plywood to the back of the door will provide an additional mounting surface and allow you to attach hooks, magnets, and other storage devices.

If you have a narrow entryway, back of the door storage can maximize a small space. This is especially useful if you do not have a closet or a mudroom. You can use a hanging organizer to keep your keys and sunglasses in one convenient place. You can also use this space to keep your kids’ school projects and important papers.

Wire pantry shelves

A popular storage option for small spaces is wire pantry shelves. They are sturdy, durable, and provide ample ventilation. You can also add reinforced wire shelves for extra strength. Another benefit of wire pantry shelves is that they do not attract dust. These shelves are available in many widths.

These wire shelves are useful for storing bulky items, like spices. They can be stacked to create a second tier of shelving. They can be labeled for easy reference by family members. They can also be placed on the back of a door to utilize vertical space.

You can use wire pantry shelves in a variety of settings. Closets, basements, and garages are common places to install them. You will want to select shelves with adequate humidity control to store canned goods and other items. The temperature should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve their freshness.

If you do not have enough space to mount wire pantry shelves on your walls, you can purchase pre-drilled holes in the walls and screw them to the wall with drywall anchors. Then, you can install the second shelf at a desired height. Adding wire pantry shelves is a good storage solution for small spaces and maximizes the available floor space.

Installing wire pantry shelves is easy and inexpensive. These shelves are sturdy and can be easily mounted over existing shelves. You can also hang hanging baskets in your pantry to hold small items. Adding clear storage containers is another great solution for small pantries.

Salt drawer organizers

A salt drawer organizer is a simple yet effective storage solution. It is made from sustainable-sourced, crystal-clear acrylic and is completely customizable to fit your space. The beauty of salt drawer organizers is that they can be adapted to your space and will last for years to come. The salt customizations also help you avoid the emotional stress that clutter can cause.

They can be placed in cabinets or drawers to add more storage space. Their high-quality materials, including bamboo, make them a great option for kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Their design is versatile enough to be placed anywhere, whether you want to display a decorative object or a statement piece.

Rolling island

One of the most versatile storage solutions for a small kitchen is a rolling island. This handy device can be used in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom and provides extra storage in tight spaces. Not only does it offer extra storage, but it can also be movable, which makes it a great option for studio apartments.

A rolling island can also be used as a portable prep area. They are ideal for kitchens that are limited in space, and they provide more stability for food preparation. When choosing a rolling island, make sure to select one with locking casters. This way, you can move it easily to another location if needed.

A rolling island can also double as a work area. Its large lower shelf can be used for storage and hiding essentials, while deep drawers are handy for temporary storage. In the drawers, you can place wire cooling racks to cool baked goods or other items.

Kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one depends on your budget and space. A rolling island with attached towel racks can help you free up valuable space. It can also serve as a bar cart when entertaining or to serve breakfast. And if you don’t have a dedicated space for a kitchen island, a rolling island can be moved easily to a dining area or living room.

Shelf dividers

A divider is a useful way to separate two rooms or to separate areas of a large room. A divider can be made from a variety of materials, including wood or metal. Some dividers can also be made from lath boards, which are nailed to the studs of a room and act as a base for a wet plaster coating.

Another option for separating rooms is to use shelving as a room divider. A room divider bookcase can create a visual focal point and help a space feel more spacious. You can also use plants to add color and lushness. A shelf divider unit is a great way to save floor space.

Decorative shelves can help define different levels of a room and provide additional storage. A metal Ikea shelving unit is a good option for a room divider as it can be rotated and positioned perpendicular to the wall. Make sure to secure it to prevent it from tipping over. Using metal L brackets and screws in the wall stud can help hold the shelf divider in place.

A wire mesh shelf can be a great option for dividing a room. Using it as a room divider is an excellent way to hide clutter while not blocking the view. The wire mesh can be painted a different colour and can be used to highlight different ‘rooms’. A KALLAX shelf can also be a great option for organising stuff and freeing up valuable space on your desk.

Organizing a tiny house with no storage

If you’re moving into a tiny house with little or no storage, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Luckily, there are many ways to make your space look larger. Depending on your style, some of these ideas may involve adjusting furniture and decor, while others may require custom work. Whatever you decide, these storage ideas will help you maximize the space you have.

An open closet can be a great solution. This type of storage space allows you to hang up clothes without taking up valuable floor space. Tiered hangers are an organized way to display your outfits. They’re also great for maximizing storage space, especially in a tiny house.

Aim to minimize the number of things you own. It’s not likely that you’ll add any additional rooms to your tiny home, so it’s best to reduce the number of items you keep. Also, try to donate old home decor or furniture if it’s not necessary. Having piles of things around can make a tiny house feel crowded. Luckily, there are many things you can find on Etsy that can help you organize your home.

Besides furniture, you’ll also want to consider adding shelving in the corner areas of your home. Adding a shelving unit or countertop in these areas will give you additional storage space. You can also make use of the space underneath a built-in couch or bed.

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