Songs About High Heels

There are songs about high heels. These songs usually have a gloomy mood. For example, “High Heels” by Keri Hilson uses the metaphor of red high heels to express her current troubles. The song features Keri Hilson, who is singing about a man she is having a hard time with. She also sings about how important it is to look good in high heels.


JoJo has written and co-written every song on her debut album, “High Heels,” as well as co-produced each track. However, the release of her album was delayed by her former label, Blackground Records. That’s why JoJo ended up leaving the label in August 2017 and signing with Warner Records.

The album will be released on September 16 and won’t be available as a deluxe edition. It features the singer on the album cover, though the image is blurred. The album artwork was created by Nick Malvone. JoJo shot a photoshoot with Brooke Nipar for the album packaging.

Another song about high heels is “High Heels,” by cello. The song features Yooo DQ. The lyrics are about a woman who has just broken up with an abusive partner and wants to rebuild her confidence. In a similar way, another song about high heels was written by Charlie Crake and released on his album High Heel Sneakers in 2019. The lyrics are both about women who want to win back a man, but who are afraid to go out and take a chance.

High Heels is a dark and gloomy song. This song by Keri Hilson is about her present struggles and uses high heels as metaphors. It is also about wearing high heels and looking good in them.

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson is an American singer and songwriter, who has been writing songs for other artists since 2001. She has written hits for Britney Spears, Usher, and the Pussycat Dolls. She has also worked as a background vocalist for several other artists. Before deciding to make her solo debut, Hilson stayed behind the scenes. She made her public debut with the song “In A Perfect World.”

While her voice is similar to that of Rihanna and Beyonce, her vocals are more on the muted side. Her songs are repetitive, and her hooks are built around repeated key words. She reminds me of Ne-Yo and Kanye’s hit “Knock You Down” in some ways. Hilson’s vocals also fail to set her songwriting style apart, sounding like kids playing double-dutch.

Hilson was born in Decatur, Georgia, in 1982. At the age of 12, she wrote her first song. When she was fourteen, she joined a local girl group called DaEUR(tm)Signe. By the time she was 18, she was cutting vocals and arranging songs for other artists. She also met a record producer named Polow Da Don in a local recording studio.

Hilson studied theater at Emory University and performed regularly. Her love of bold prints and patterns has manifested itself in her unique style. She is obsessed with houndstooth and wears it in almost every video she appears in. She has also incorporated it into her Twitter page and album cover. Her taste in shoes and accessories is polished and she prefers Dsquared sunglasses.


High heels are a symbol that can make a woman look tall, sexy, professional, or classy. They can also be fun and imply that a woman is ready for a night on the town. Moreover, they are symbols of freedom, liberation, and happiness. Therefore, there are many songs about high heels from a variety of musical genres.

Trainhead’s song High Heels is a classic example of a lyric that reflects on high heels. The track features Yooo DQ and Cello as they are taken aback by the sight of a woman in high heels. Another example is High Heel Shoes by Melky Sedeck from the 1999 album Brother & Sister. In the song, Melky sings about a woman who has been burned by cheaters and players in the past.

Another Trainhead song that speaks about high heels is Red High Heels, a country tune backed by electric guitar. The lyrics of Red High Heels describe a young woman’s frustration with her ex. The music video also features Kellie Pickler. The track was released as the lead single of the Small Town Girl album.

Melky Sedeck

Melky Sedeck and his sister, Sedeck, were a pair of Fugees siblings. After their group broke up, they went on a creative frenzy and were signed to major labels. They first made waves as Milky & Day, the song from the soundtrack of Love Jones. They also appeared on Wyclef’s debut album as Bubblegoose.

Melky Sedeck sings songs about high heel shoes. One of her albums, Brother & Sister, has a track called High Heels, written by Cello, which features Yooo DQ. In the song, the singer describes how she was taken aback by a woman in high heels. Melky Sedeck has also made a song called High Heel Shoes, which was released in 1999. The song is about a woman who is fed up with cheaters and players.

Eartha Kitt

Known for her sultry voice and glistening skin, Eartha Kitt is an American singer, dancer, and actress. She is also known for her provocative performances, such as her confrontation with former U.S. President, Lady Bird Johnson, over the Vietnam War. Kitt began her artistic career in 1943, when she joined the Katherine Dunham Company, a contemporary dance company. She was a member of the group until 1948. In the 1950s, Kitt began to have success as a singer, with songs like “Monotonous” and “Under bridges of Paris.”

Eartha Kitt has also performed songs about high heels, including “Cha Cha Heels” with the Bronski Beat. The song describes a night out in high heels and ends with the phrase “gimme gimme cha-cha heels.” Another song about high heels, “Red High Heels,” was written by Jane Siberry and featured on the 1987 album The Walking.

Her mother, Anna Mae Riley, raised Kitt and claimed that she was her biological mother. After Riley’s death, Kitt was sent to live with her grandmother, Mamie Kitt. She never learned her biological father. She was born on a cotton plantation in North, South Carolina. Her father was a poor cotton farmer.

In addition to her music, Kitt had a career as a voice actress. Her role as Yzma in the movie Emperor’s New Groove earned her new fans. She also appeared on the popular television series The Simpsons, although she passed away before the episode aired. The episode was dedicated to her memory.

Johnny Cash

If you’re wondering why Johnny Cash sings about high heels, you’re not alone. Fans of the country music legend expect frequent absences from his famed estate, which features a lakefront house and a studio across the highway. The house evokes the feel of a traditional English rectory, complete with oyster shades and carved German dressers. Unlike many Country stars’ homes, Johnny Cash’s isn’t as stuffy as it seems.

The name “Johnny Cash” is a mashup of Cash and his family name. The first two letters of his last name sounded like “Johnny Dollar” and “Johnny Guitar,” but in fact the Cash family name dates back almost a thousand years to the ancient kingdom of Fife.

Cash’s life was not without problems. He had a six-year stint on prescription pills and was having trouble with his marriage. He also had thoughts of becoming a movie star, but his career never really took off. However, he did appear in a few films throughout his life.

High heels have symbolic value for many people. They add height and are considered sexy. However, some people associate high heels with stripping and prostitution. Whatever the reason, there are numerous songs with high heel symbolism. Whether you’re listening to country music or rock and roll, there’s a high heel song for you.

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