The KELIMCOONS are domesticated and bred for show. The kittens are raised in family bedrooms and later placed in single and double show shelters. This is a very comfortable living environment for the kittens. They can even be raised in bedroom closets. This breed is very friendly and is a great pet for children.

Kaci has 3 red classic with white males

These super-stickery Kaci stickers come in 4 different sizes. They are perfect for laptops, water bottles, skateboards, and phone cases. You can also place them on walls and windows. They also come in transparent and white versions. They are also removable. The best part about these stickers is that they can be transferred to any surface.

Bigrivercoon’s litter of 6 brown classic with white females

Bigrivercoon’s litter of six brown classic with white females was a beautiful sight to see. At twelve weeks old, these kittens were paired with RW QGC Bigrivercoon Unsinkable Molly Brown, RW OS SGC Smokeycoons Alejandro, and RW SGC Bigrivercoon Sockeye Sam and Whitewater Willy. They are all gorgeous with big ears and a beautiful pattern.

Cascade Mountain is very proud to announce their newest litter. This litter of six beautiful kittens includes two boys, Gunther and Mouse, and two blue torbie girls with white spots. They are both named after famous breweries and are named after their namesakes. These kittens are healthy and are in excellent condition. They go to wonderful homes in Washington State and will play well with children.

CascadeMtn’s litter of 6 brown classic with white females

The CascadeMtn’s litter was dedicated to the memory of TGC Lunarcoons Northstar, who passed away earlier this year from cancer. This litter features three cream boys, two blue torbie girls with white, and two Blue Classic kittens. Gunther and Mouse are the Blue Classics.

The kittens were named after Starbuck’s and Kona Brewing Company draft beers. All the kittens are now eating on their own. This is the second litter from the same litter. They are living with a great family in Redmond, WA, and play with their two children.

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