Is Bath Salt Legal?

Is Bath Salt Legal?

bath salt
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If you have ever wondered if Bath Salts are legal or not, you are not alone. The newest designer drug is rapidly making its way across the country, and while the effects of a single hit can be mild, the combined effects can be extremely addictive. According to Mark Ryan, director of the Louisiana Poison Center and an assistant professor of clinical emergency medicine at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Bath Salts are illegal in the United States.

They are typically sold as a white powder in small plastic or foil canisters and can cost anywhere from $25 to $50. While they are commonly snorted, they can also be smoked, swallowed, and injected. The chemicals contained in bath salts produce euphoric and delirian-like feelings, lasting between three to four hours. They are very popular with the younger population. Although bath salts are illegal, their legality has been questioned.

Dead Sea salts are a popular option for bath salt. The mineral content is the highest in the Dead Sea, and you can relax and get a good night’s sleep. Bokek’s mineral content is sourced from the southern Dead Sea, which is one of the most pristine parts of the world. It is also certified by SaltWorks and uses Optically Clean (r) technology to ensure ultimate purity. It has organic neroli essential oil, which is believed to improve mood and provide hints of honey.

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