To maximize space and make your pantry look organized, try using square containers instead of round ones. They stack nicely on a flat footprint and are ideal for storing dry goods. Square containers also make for a great place to store seasonings and spices. You can even label the contents with letter-stamped clothespins.


Stackable bins for pantry storage are a great way to use vertical space efficiently. They come in different shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs. Some are designed to store a specific type of food, while others are ideal for smaller items. Some of these bins even include adjustable plastic dividers to help you organize your canned goods.

When storing dry ingredients, the best bins for pantry storage are those made by Rubbermaid. These bins are made from extra-durable plastic that rivals the finest glass storage containers. They are stackable and dishwasher-safe. They also come in several sizes, allowing you to store the ingredients you need most easily.

To make your pantry more functional, invest in stackable bins in neutral colors. For example, the Omaha steel mesh line is both visually appealing and super functional. It is perfect for storing onions or corralling snacks. Available in three different sizes, the bins are easy to clean and can even be stacked or nestled.

The best bins for pantry storage have transparent lids and are made of sturdy materials. This is especially important for canned goods because they tend to leak over time. You don’t want to spend time or money cleaning leaky cans. They also come with perforated or lattice-style lids that let you see what’s inside. Transparent lids are best for displaying your canned goods, while opaque ones can be expensive and take up valuable shelf space.

Freestanding organizers are another great option for pantry storage. These organizers are convenient for searching for items, and they have two pull-out drawers. These bins are great for tight spaces, but they can get top-heavy.


Using storage baskets is an easy way to organize your home. You can purchase them in a variety of sizes and materials, and put them in almost any room. Baskets are great for entryway storage, under the bed storage, kitchen storage, and more. You can also use them to sort and store items.

First, make sure your baskets are secured to the wall. You can use L-brackets to mount them. Once mounted, you can drill a small pilot hole in the wall to ensure your baskets will stay in place. Then, use drywall anchors to secure the screws. When finished, you can use screws to fix the basket flush to the wall.

Aside from being functional, storage baskets are also a great way to hide clutter. You’ll be surprised by how many items can be tucked into a small container. For example, you can use tall baskets to store firewood, and keep the logs off the floor. You can also use small ones to collect magazines and mail.

The best baskets to use for storage are those with ventilation holes. This way, you won’t have to search for items inside. It also gives you a chance to organize the contents. If you have shallow shelves, you should buy divided baskets, which are more space-saving. Then, you can easily identify the contents by using a convenient labeling system.

Shoe racks

Shoe racks are a great way to store your shoes. They are ideal for crowded or small spaces and can help you keep your closet organized. You can even stack the racks to save space. Shoe racks are available in a variety of sizes and can store dozens of pairs of shoes.

Shoe racks come in various designs and can hold up to 32 pairs of shoes. Some are designed to fit on a single shelf, while others are adjustable. Some of them are stackable and can be assigned to different family members. Another option is a bench that tucks neatly into a corner. It has a powder-coated steel rack and a seat that holds slippers. You can even get these organizers made of sustainable mango wood, which has a Fair Trade certification.

Another great choice is a bamboo shoe rack. It’s a stylish option for your entryway and offers three tiers of shelving. Bamboo is a great material for this type of storage, and it can accommodate large pairs of shoes. It is available in a variety of colors.

Besides shoe racks in the pantry, you can use them as entryway closet organizers. They can store daily shoes as well as guest shoes. You can also use the shelves to keep other items like gift wrap or children’s toys. Some of these racks are pre-assembled, which means you can get one without having to worry about the assembly.

You can also install a shoe rack under your bed. This will save you shelf space and make it easier to find your shoes. They will protect your shoes from dust and allow you to easily access them. There are several different shoe organizer designs to choose from, including those that have a transparent lid or are made of wood. Another good option is a rolling shoe organizer. This type of organizer is great for loft spaces that do not have enough closet space. It has a lot of storage capacity and is easy to roll into the closet when not in use.

Magazine racks

A magazine rack is a great way to use vertical space in your pantry. It can hold paper goods such as magazines, wax paper, plastic wrap, and foil. It can also be used to store things like small gift supplies or extra tape. A magazine rack can also be a great way to organize your countertop.

Another way to use magazine racks in your pantry is to use them as a mailing station. If you have a lot of mail or other materials to send out, a mailing station is a great way to keep them in order. Another use for magazine racks is as a storage area for staples and other paper products. They can also serve as a stylish piece of kitchen decor.

Magazine racks are also a great way to store office supplies. These items are often too large for a cabinet. A magazine rack can be used to store them in a low-lying cabinet. A wooden magazine rack also makes a great catch-all station for items such as keys, mail, and television remotes.

Magazine holders also make a great way to store craft supplies. They are also a great way to display your love of books and magazines. A well-designed magazine rack will keep your magazines in order and easily accessible. You can even find magazines that have beautiful designs on them. The best part is that they are affordable!

Magazine racks are also a great way to keep manuals organized. Many appliances come with booklets or manuals that are important to keep. Keep these on a magazine holder and label them with what type they are.

Glass mason jars

Glass mason jars are a great alternative to plastic containers for storing food. They are more durable and have a longer shelf life than plastic. Also, they use fewer chemicals to produce than plastic containers. Also, they have better air-tight sealing rings and gaskets. This means that you can safely store food in your pantry without fear of bacteria. If you are concerned about bacterial contamination, you can sterilize the jars before using them.

Mason jars have a rich history. A glass jar that is air-tight and water-tight is a great way to store your pantry foods. Invented in the early 1900s, these containers have been around for a long time. Their history can be traced back to the five Ball brothers. This company is not only known for their domestic use, but they are also used in restaurants and the food industry.

In addition to being great storage solutions, mason jars can also be decorative items. Mason jars come in several shapes and sizes. Some are used for dry foods, while others are used for DIY projects and home decor. They come in high-grade, BPA-free, and heat-resistant glass, making them a wonderful investment for any kitchen.

Regardless of the size and shape of your pantry, mason jars will keep your food fresh for longer. They also come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Plus, they are affordable. You can get bulk discounts on these jars. Plus, they’re highly durable, making them a great choice for your pantry storage needs.

In addition to keeping your food fresh, mason jars are also great for your health. The lids are designed to prevent bacteria growth, making them safer for the environment and better for you. Plus, they last longer than plastic Tupperware.

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