5 KITCHEN Drawer Organization Tips

Adding toe-kick drawers

Toe-kick drawers are an excellent way to create more space in your kitchen drawer organization. Not only can they store a multitude of items, but they are also easy to access and install. They’re a great solution for existing cabinets or new construction.

Toe-kick drawers are designed to fit in the space between the floor and lower cabinets. They can provide extra storage space for things like baking sheets and muffin tins. The drawers are accessible by a push latch, so you don’t have to bend over to open them.

To construct the toe-kick drawers, you’ll need to drill one-inch holes into the toe kick’s front and back. If you have to cut it to length, you can use a drywall saw. Also, you’ll need to make sure the bottoms of the drawers are square. A large carpenter’s square or a plywood bottom guide will help you check for squareness. Once you’ve cut the bottom of the drawer box, you can measure and cut the sides to fit.

The extra space in a toe-kick drawer is useful for storing large items, such as cake pans. The front of the toekick drawer is made of a toekick board, which attaches to the top of the drawer with the same hardware as the front of the regular drawer. For this, you’ll need to drill a few pilot holes before attaching the front.

Using pegboard

You can create a workspace in your kitchen drawers by using a pegboard. You can screw thin pieces of wood to the bottom of your drawer and then rest the pegboard on top of them. Then, you can place your items on the pegs. You can even use your pegboard as a stand-up desk.

Pegboards are customizable and will work for just about anything in your kitchen. Mosaic Design & Build uses them to organize her glass baking pans. Often, these pans are piled up on top of each other, and you have to remove them from the stack to reach a specific pan. You can change the size of the dividers as needed to fit the pans you’re trying to organize.

Peg Systems are also a great way to organize your drawers. They’re made of beech or maple wood and mount into pre-drilled holes in the top of your drawers. They’re great for storing all kinds of items, from small scissors and knives to hard-to-place items.

Before you decide on a kitchen drawer organization system, it’s important to do a thorough inventory. Remove any items that don’t fit or are too old. Donate or trash duplicate items. Editing your collection will allow you to create more visual breathing room and space for your go-to kitchen tools. Make sure you measure the drawer sizes, and triple check the measurements of each drawer to make sure it fits properly.

Keeping utensils in same section of drawer

Keeping utensils in one section of a drawer is one way to organize them quickly and easily. It is common to keep these items in jars on the countertop, but this can also be an impractical solution. Instead, consider putting them in a deep, narrow drawer, ideally near the stove. This way, you can quickly reach them when you need them. This method can also be used for longer, wider items, such as baking trays.

Another good option for kitchen drawer organization is to use utensil dividers. These dividers are perfect for shallow kitchen drawers because they can help you keep utensils organized. If you have deep drawers, you can use vertical separators to keep them separate from other items.

Keeping utensils in one section of kitchen drawer organization is also beneficial for those who like to use containers. You can keep them in clear containers so you can easily see what is in each of them. For instance, you can keep measuring cups in a separate container with your measuring spoons, which can be very helpful if you frequently use the same utensils in different ways.

While organizing your kitchen drawers may seem overwhelming, it’s important to remember that you’re not achieving organization by arranging your spatulas in neat piles. You can also buy a spatula organizer that will keep these tools in one convenient place. This way, you can easily find what you need every day without compromising the appearance of your kitchen.

Keeping sharp knives out of drawer

One of the best ways to store your knives safely is to use magnetic strips. These strips can be mounted on the wall in any location in the kitchen. Another option is a knife block, which can be mounted on the kitchen counter. Either way, storing your knives safely is essential for maintaining their sharpness and safety.

Knives that are stored loosely can get dull quickly. If you have a large number of knives, you may want to buy a knife block to keep them in. This can be purchased separately or included in a cutlery organiser. When buying a knife block, consider how many you plan to keep and the size of your knives.

Knives are a necessity in any kitchen. However, storing them correctly can be challenging. It is not a good idea to place knives in the drawers with other utensils. This can cause significant damage to the blades. Following the proper storage guidelines can help keep your knives sharp for years to come.

Another option is to use magnetic strips to store your knives safely. These blocks allow you to store knives in a drawer safely without the risk of damage. Magnetic strips are easy to install and don’t take up much wall space. Magnetic strips can also be a great option if you don’t want to use a knife block.

If you’re worried about knives falling out of your drawer, consider buying an in-drawer knife holder. These handy gadgets keep your knives organized and out of reach of children.

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